My Freelance

For some 15 years now I have been studying and working on something IT related. I've specialized myself on coding webbased solutions with C# in visual studio, in which data management and visualisations play an importent role. I know how to create simple designs and I'm good at client communications. I enjoy coding, because it allows me to solve a problem and build something with my creativity.

I'll first make a minimum version of a request or product. After a minimum version, there are iterations in which I'll think with a client in deciding which problems should be tackled next.

I'm currently living in beautiful Maastricht. With remote working options nowadays, I'm looking to find projects anywhere in the EU, professionally I'm able to work in English and Dutch. German, French or Spanish will require some additional practise.


My life started sometime back in 1984. I grew up in a rural area near the city of Maastricht.

In my twenties I finished a 4 year Bachelor Computer Science program in Heerlen, followed by another 2 years of Information Studies and a Master degree at the University of Amsterdam.


  • Independent, reliable and rational problem solver.
  • Great at analysing with an eye for details.
  • Modest and more of an introvert.
  • Scout mindset: exploration before deciding.

I enjoy being outdoors, cycling, hiking, nature and photography. Indoor hobbies include watching series, reading, boardgames, pc-games and listening to music.


I build datacollecting websites, simple landingpages, API's, mobile apps and form applications.

I write all of my software code with readability and maintainability in mind, I know how to work with asynchronous code.

Google, Youtube, Reddit and Stackoverflow are great sources to stay informed.


I'm proficient in working with the traditional tried and tested databases. SQL Server, SQL Express, Oracle SQL, MySQL. Connecting via entity framework, writing custom queries and procedures or performing index optimizations.

I've also worked on a personal project using MongoDb noSQL


I make simple yet effective designs using pen & paper, Inkscape, or Gimp. I've implemented design using html(5), css and bootstrap and know how to make them responsive.

I'm familiar with user interaction design and will build my software such that a user is directed to their destination with only a small amount of clicks.


  • A custom dashboard, which is able to automatically process and display data from vehicles on a daily or monthly basis. It has an API and is able to follow vehicles in real time.
  • Initiative on crohn and colitis, ustekinumab vs vedoluzimab registry.
  • Gezonde basisschool van de toekomst, questionnaires, logistics and datamanagement.
  • Hospital Fit/ Pharaon, Xamarin apps displaying data measurement via bluetooth device.
  • Coach COLC, a landing page for a Covid research.
  • Huisartsenpost, an employee scoring application.


Some of the fields I've worked in:

  • Medical research: privacy conscious and ethical, logistics, auditing and logging
  • Automotive: Dashboarding, IOT loggers, CAN and binary data and information presentation.

Tech stacks

  • Code tooling: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++
  • Data tooling: MS SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle Developer, PhpMyAdmin, MongoDbCompass
  • Version Control: GIT and SVN
  • Frameworks: (core) MVC, Blazor, Xamarin, Webforms, React, vue.js, jquery
  • Languages: C#, SQL, javascript, Python, C++

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