My life started sometime back in 1984. I grew up in a rural area near the city of Maastricht.

In my twenties I finished a 4 year Bachelor Computer Science program in Heerlen, followed by another 2 years of Information Studies and a Master degree at the University of Amsterdam.

Character traits include: Friendly, independent, reliable, honest, rational and problem solver.


For some 15 years now I have been studying and working on something IT related. I've specialized myself in coding webbased solutions with C# in visual studio, in which data, information and visualisations play an importent role.

I'm good at analysing and extracting information from a given clients problem. I enjoy the designing, architecting and coding process, because it allows me to solve the problem and build something with my creativity.

Currently living in beautiful Amsterdam. With remote working options nowadays, I'm looking to find projects anywhere in the EU, professionally I'm able to work in English and Dutch. And I'm very interested to invest in languages like German, French or Spanish.

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